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Family & childhood, inner child, depression, anxiety, stress & burn out, health, body aches & pains, addiction, abuse & sexual violence, trauma, PTSD & complex PTSD, relationships & creating better & happier relationships, codependency, marriage, divorce & separation, extreme emotions, low self-esteem, self exploration, life improvement or just not feeling right. 


I work with both individuals & couples.

For couples I also offer private couples therapy days & weekends.

The sessions can be indoors face to face or online through Zoom.

They can also be outside in nature with walk & talk or outdoor therapy.

I meet face to face with clients in Wilmslow & Cheadle which is great for South Manchester & Cheshire.

Online I work UK wide in particular London & the SE in addition to the the NW. I also have online clients across Europe.

I recommend we have an initial call to understand if there could be a good fit between what you are looking for & what I do. We can then schedule a session to meet either face to face or online to better understand how we might work together & for you to sense how comfortable you feel with me too. It is widely recognised that the most effective outcomes are based on the quality of relationship between client & therapist or counsellor, so I get it’s important to feel it’s the right fit. 

What Clients Have Said

“Carol put me at ease straight away & the balance between being asked questions but encouraging me to open up & lead at times is perfect, bringing me out of my comfort zone but allowing me to explore.”
“Carol was able to challenge me & to help keep the work focused in a way that was hands on without being directive. I was encouraged to explore issues which in hindsight I can see I avoided with previous counsellors.”
“Having been to therapy a few times, I can honestly say Carol is the best & has set the bar high. She made me feel seen & heard for who I was. It seemed to go a level deeper than with other therapists.”
“I’m at the start of my journey but Carol is helping me understand who I am & to develop a compassion for myself that I’ve never had. I look forward to continuing the journey with Carol.”

“Myself & my Husband had been to a therapist previous to Carol & we were beginning to despair. It was nerve racking at first (Imago) & a strange process when you are not used to communicating in this way. The Imago process allowed us to really listen to each other… & was such a powerful thing. We would thoroughly recommend her & this process.”

About Carol

Individual Work

My focus with individuals is based in Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy, which for me is a really accessible form of therapy & one that made total sense to me when I started personal therapy. I also believe that all experiences & emotions are stored in the body & so I help clients gain an understanding of this & to learn what’s happening in their bodies, be it sensations or numbness & disconnect. The body can give us tons of clues & information. I am a ‘why’ person & believe in going backwards to the ‘inner child’ to understand & acknowledge in order to then go forwards. I enjoy helping clients be curious, join the dots, peel back the layers, gain awareness & to have a different experience in life.

Couples Work

The work I do with couples is based around Imago Couples Therapy (ICT). Imago is the latin for ‘image’ & is the term used for the unconscious image we hold for our potential partner, the ‘unconscious image of familiar love.’ Imago was introduced by Harville Hendrix & helps couples understand why they were attracted to each other, teaches them about the stages of a relationship & helps them understand how they got in to difficulty. It provides knowledge & tools to create safety, improve communication, have a more conscious relationship & gain an appreciation of each other’s needs, feelings & wounds in a very different way. This also entails noticing how the body is responding. 

Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy is still a reasonably new concept & experience. It can be walk & talk, which is taking what we do in the therapy room outside. Or it can be nature led, using nature & the outdoors as a tool & mirror to the work. Some clients simply prefer to be outdoors or to swap between indoors, outdoors & online. There are obvious benefits of being outside in the fresh air & along with this comes movement of the body, which I am always an advocate of. It can also take the pressure off being sat in front of me, or can make those silent pauses less intimidating. Nature really can do things to the senses a building can’t. 

Supervision Work

Working with me you will have reflection & input from Transactional Analysis (TA), somatic body therapy, parts work & couples therapy. My approach is relational, open, reflective & might include transference, counter-transference, thinking developmentally, process, attachment, 2 chair, movement work plus splitting, defences, disconnect & disassociation. I talk about shame, anger, rage, sex, body & intimacy. I am a believer in pairing therapy with emotional regulation techniques, yoga, meditation & mindfulness, plus looking at the clients lifestyle. My work is supported by three excellent supervisors & regular therapy with a Body Therapist


Workshops are both online over Zoom & face to face in lovely well selected venues. I offer workshops for the public & also the therapy & counselling profession. Content might be Inner Child, relationships, dating patterns, trauma & defences, boundaries, lives of men, OCD & obsessive behaviour, improving confidence, anxiety & stress, anger & rage, depression, pleasing others & what is our body trying to tell us? Or how to set up private practice for professionals. The approach is inclusive, experiential, tailored to different learning styles & focused on participant involvement with some light theory. 


Level 4 Diploma in ‘Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy from an Integrative Perspective’ from The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy / 101 Transactional Analysis Certificate / Trauma Focused Therapy / Level 1 Imago Couples Relationship Therapy / Sexual Violence & Abuse Informed Therapy / Acceptance & Commitment Therapy / Taking Therapy Outside / Taking Therapy Online / Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions / Somatic Body Therapy.

Passionate About

I am passionate about helping people understand why they think, feel & act the way they do, to understand the root of it all & to gain awareness about how they relate to themselves & others. Helping people get unstuck is a great feeling. I believe that the body holds so much information & is key to effective therapy. I am fascinated about the connection between body-mind-emotions-lifestyle-experiences & see inner child work as so integral. I really see the benefits of nature & believe in therapy being accessible to clients, clients feeling safe & secure & being in it together with clients on their journey.

My Approach

If you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ or just purely coping mechanisms, I may not be the right person for you. I would imagine my approach might be too in-depth & I might ask you too many questions. It may also not be right for you if you are just looking to come for one session, if you are not wanting to enquire & find out ‘why’ or to consider links with past experiences & what was modelled or not modelled to you in childhood. Sessions are not ‘just’ talking & listening, there is so much more.

“I started having personal therapy in 2015 & from that point my life totally changed. I wanted to help give other people the same opportunity & go on that journey with them.”

Why I chose to do what I do – Carol.

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